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About Me ...

There is an old expression that says it’s easier to understand someone when you’ve walked a mile in their shoes and I truly believe this!


I have worked in the helping profession for over 25 years, both in Canada and Asia, initially as a medical evacuation and school nurse and then as a counsellor in a non-profit mental health practice. In my own life journey, I have experienced living thousands of miles away from home and all that was familiar, experienced grief and loss with the death of my beloved father, the ups and downs of marriage and the pain of divorce, the joys and challenges of raising three sons who have now all left the nest, and all that goes with starting new chapters in life! My life hasn’t always gone the way I planned it but I am so thankful for the help that I’ve received along the way! The challenges that I have gone through in my own life have given me a greater heart of compassion when it comes to helping others. I am thankful for the journey that my shoes have taken me on because my own experiences have allowed me to be more empathetic and more understanding as my clients share their struggles and challenges with me. Every person has their own story and I am honoured when people share their stories with me.


In addition to loving my career as a counsellor, I am an extravert and love spending time with friends and family. After an adventurous and sometimes challenging 20 years of living overseas, I am happy to settle back down in my hometown of Calgary, where I find joy and peace in the simple things… hiking in the majestic mountains of Alberta, grabbing a meal and sharing laughs with people I love, and going for drives in the country! Some of my favourite things are sitting beside a waterfall listening to the sound of the rushing water, reading a good book, watching Calgary Flames Hockey and Toronto Raptors Basketball, and a nice cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

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